We need PHYSIOS and we’re offering a HUGE REWARD!

We need PHYSIOS and we’re offering a HUGE REWARD!

Our quaint country town of Kalgoorlie boasts an amazing community that you’ll be supported by when you chose to relocate and take up the job at our fast-paced clinic!

But here’s the thing, we’ve been advertising for a little while now with no luck – we know we don’t have skyscrapers or a beach – but we do have some pretty amazing people, experiences, and things to do in your downtime!

So we’re asking everyone to help us find PHYSIOS!

Do you know someone who is a qualified Physiotherapist wanting to advance their career?

How would you like to be rewarded $5,000 if you nominate them and they take the job?

It might be your daughter, your son, a cousin, the person down the road – (or it might even be your metro based physio)

We have up to 3 full time and flexible positions up for grabs!!

All you have to do is let them know we’re hiring and we want them!

When they chose to relocate, we pay you, AND we pay for their relocation, organise accommodation, flexible working hours and a BUNCH of other MAJOR BENEFITS!

Are you going to be our silver lining?

Send us an email at bookings@goldfieldsphysio.com.au or have your contact apply for the role here:



Terms and Conditions:

  1. The physiotherapist must be based in Australia or New Zealand, or willing to relocate themselves to Australia with relevant requirements and certifications to complete the role 
  2. $5000AUD will be paid to the nominator upon the successful completion of the nominated Physiotherapist’s 6 month probation period 
  3. Benefits of the role will be outlined to the Physiotherapist in the contract for the position. 
  4. Up to three Physiotherapists will be employed depending on skill and experience. 
  5. The relocation package will be up to $5000AUD for the successful candidate 
  6. Hours within the position will be determined at the point of employment between the director of Goldfields Physiotherapy and the candidate.
  7. Accommodation will be organised in accordance with the negotiation of relocation and other benefits of the role and will be finalised in the candidate’s contract. 


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