Utilise AxIT Strength Testing to Achieve Your Performance Goals

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AxIT Strength Testing

Have you been stuck in a rut with your health and performance goals lately? If so it could be that you are not training the right areas appropriately for optimal results in your injury rehabilitation or strength training program. With the AxIT strength testing system, we are able to test and measure the strength of any fundamental movement and all the different muscles in the body from the head to your toes to create a personalized training plan for you to achieve your goals.


What is AxIT Strength Testing?

The AxIT system is a strength testing assessment using state of the art technology which has previously been exclusive to elite sporting clubs and professional athletes. Here at Goldfields Physio, it has always been our top priority to help you achieve your health and performance goals. With AxIT Strength Testing, we will be able to objectively test and measure all of your strength and functions throughout the whole body, place numbers on the assessments and use data to get rich insights on your performance progress. We will also be able to find your muscle weaknesses and prescribe exercises that target and reduce those weaknesses.


The AxIT system consists of 3 devices Push-It, Pull-It and Stomp-It.

  • Push-IT uses a hand-held dynamometer which you can push into to quickly measure a variety of muscle groups such as hip, knee, ankle, growth hormone, ankle and wrist strength.
  • Pull-IT attaches to cables and handles to measure pulling strength which allows us to measure larger muscle groups and more dynamic movements that uses a full range of motion such as your hamstring, thoracic spine, lumbar/core strength.
  • Stomp-IT uses a pair of force plates that allows us to test weight-bearing exercises on both the single and double limbs of the upper and lower body including squats, jumping, landing, lunges, etc.


Best of all, the tests provide real-time feedback and data with easy to interpret graphics so that your strength training program can be built with better and more informed decisions that yields greater results.


Who should sign up for AxIT Strength Testing?

The AxIT system can be useful for everyone whether you are an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, someone struggling with musculoskeletal pain and injury, work cover clients, and those undertaking injury rehabilitation. If you have been wanting to take your goals to the next level, then the AxIT Strength Testing could be for you!


What are the benefits of AxIT Strength Testing to YOU?

The assessment technology allows for:

  • A more accurate diagnosis of your problem
  • A baseline to compare with on subsequent measures
  • Identification of meaningful discrepancies and imbalances that could be holding your progress back
  • Tracking progression and improvement over time
  • A clearer understanding of your muscle strengths and weaknesses in order for a faster return to play timeframe
  • More efficient injury prevention


No matter where you are – in the centre or online, our expert physiotherapy team will always be there to help you achieve your goals. Ensure you are getting the highest value to your health and performance with AxIT strength testing available at Goldfields Physio. Book an assessment online today with one of our expert physiotherapists or call 9091 1739 and take your health and performance to the next level.

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