Workplace & Ergonomic Assessments

Workplace Assessment services in Kalgoorlie

A worksite assessment (manual work) or a workstation assessment (office based work) is used for workers returning to work after injury or illness or a worker having difficulty at work due to a work-related or non-work related injury or illness. The assessment considers the workers individual requirements, the workplace environment and the needs of the organisation.

What does a workplace assessment involve?

The Goldfields Physiotherapist will use their knowledge of the worker’s diagnosis, pathology and prognosis to determine return to work or stay at work requirements.

The worksite assessment (WSA) involves the analysis of work tasks (sedentary and manual), the work environment and the capability of the employee to perform his/her work based on their current status and with consideration of their injury/issue.

Interventions and advice may be made at the time of the assessment or as future recommendations.

Determination of availability and/or suitability of duties is made in consultation with the worker, supervisor and employer.

In most cases, we will compile a report detailing the history or onset of symptoms, identification of contributing factors (workplace, individual, organisational), interventions made at the time of the assessment and those that are recommended e.g. modification of work area or equipment changes. Goldfields Physio will send this to the referring individual.

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