Effective Sports Physiotherapy in Kalgoorlie

Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised branch of physiotherapy which deals with sport’s related injuries and issues. It is not only professional and elite athletes that can benefit from this service. Recreational, social, amateur and even “weekend warriors” can gain a performance edge working with a sports physio to minimise aches and pains, improve technique, and reduce prevalence of common injuries all in the name of maximising results.

The ideal treatment for any sport related injury is prevention. There is a large body of scientific research supporting preventative strength and conditioning programs to reduce the incidence of game play injury. If you are unfortunate enough to sustain an injury during the course of a game, early management is the key to getting back to playing as quickly as possible. In conjunction with medical advice your physiotherapist can begin your return to playing rehabilitation program once they have helped settle the acute symptoms of the injury.

Not all sports related injuries are acute in their nature. Sometimes what seemed like a bit of post training tightness can grow into a longer-term lingering problem which affects your ability to perform to your best. Our team of experienced physiotherapists will help to identify any training errors, look at your sport specific movement requirements to identify strength or control issues, and then come up with a plan of how to keep you training and playing whilst managing any injuries from affecting your performance..

When managing sport related injuries your physiotherapist will take into account your current training program, upcoming events/competitions to tailor a specific program to get the most out of your body when the time is right. Your physiotherapist can also consult with your other providers such as doctors, surgeons, personal trainers and coaches to balance your training and injury specific rehabilitation.

Our sports physiotherapy treatment plans are comprehensive and supported by the most optimal rehabilitation protocols. They are often a mix of hands-on treatment, exercise prescription, movement control / technique training, load management and training advice/education.
Our clinic is also involved with a wide variety of local and community sports clubs and events. Our sports physiotherapists continually provide their expert skills during training sessions and games to various sporting organisations including the the Goldfields Giants.