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Online Physiotherapy Consultations (Telehealth) in Kalgoorlie & Beyond

Accessing essential health services is not always convenient or possible, which is why Goldfields Physio proudly offers online physiotherapy services to all our clients – whether it be in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, the greater Goldfields Region or around Australia.

Online consultations are an effective way to meet with one of our expert physiotherapists from the comfort of your own home. Our experts will help you get clarity on your injury, get you out of pain, and create a plan to get you back to doing what you love doing as fast as possible. With the growing demand for convenience and in-home services, this is the next evolution of physiotherapy services.

Our online physiotherapy consultations empower you to take control of your pain and to get amazing results. You may be surprised by just how effective online consultations can be. Recent research showing that they are a viable alternative to in person consultations for people who have musculoskeletal injuries or pain. This means you can benefit from the same long-term outcomes for a wide range of conditions.

We understand that sessions via the internet may seem counterintuitive at first. And we understand the main reason you come to see a physiotherapist isn’t because you are in pain, it’s because that pain is now preventing you from doing something that is important or necessary in your life. But there’s a common misconception that you need hands on treatment from your therapist to feel better. We now have extensive research that shows that we can help you achieve the exact same result without putting a hand on you. The most important thing is that you hit your goal and can do everything you’d like to in life without restriction. We are 100% confident that our online health services can help you to attain this.

Online physiotherapy and chronic pain

It may surprise you to learn that online treatment is one of the most effective strategies for chronic pain. It is effective because it eliminates the possibility of reliance on passive therapy (manual therapy) from the physiotherapist. In a chronic pain state, one of the biggest risk factors in not improving is a reliance on your therapist for pain relief, the feeling as though you are in the passenger of your healthcare journey. We aim to put you back in the driver’s seat, with thorough advice and education.

In chronic pain there are many factors at play, however it can be reassuring to know that the structures, like the disc in your back that was the original issue, is no longer the actual cause of the pain. In chronic pain, your brain has maladapted over time to recognise certain movements as dangerous and therefore cause the sensation of pain. As mentioned above in the online rehabilitation program section, our role in this issue is to gradually expose you to these movements and activities over time., We help your brain to adapt positively to perform these movements without pain.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As stated on the Australian Physiotherapy Association website, The World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus (COVID-19) a pandemic requiring a global coordinated effort.

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, we anticipate an increase in the demand for online physiotherapy services to maintain your well-being whilst protecting you from the possible risk of infection through community transmission. We will be increasing our scope of telehealth physiotherapy services to ensure we can meet this demand and continue to serve our community.

The health and well being of you, our valued clients, and our team are our highest priority. If you would like to learn more during this period of uncertainty and confusion, you can contact us on (08) 9091 1739.

Online physiotherapy consults are ideal for people who:

  • Would like to save time, avoid dealing with commuting and have the convenience of expert healthcare in their own home
  • Are unable to attend the clinic location due to extenuating circumstances
  • Don’t have access to physiotherapists or exercise physiologists where they live, like in rural and remote Australia
  • Don’t like the physical touch involved in an in-person session
  • Have restrictions, such as injury or disability, which prevent them from travelling
  • Have been given a diagnosis, but would like an expert second opinion