Goldfields Physio
Goldfields Physio

Gym Rehabilitation / Work Conditioning

Graded exercise rehabilitation and conditioning programmes are essential for individuals suffering from sports or work injuries.  Gym rehabilitation can also assist those with chronic diseases (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity) who may need direction in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Physiotherapists in our practice take into account the pathology of an injury or chronic disease and focus on improving our client’s function in their daily living activities.  We deliver comprehensive exercise programmes which encourage our clients to return to long-term physical activity and exercise safely, whilst promoting healing and musculoskeletal conditioning.  We aim to reduce the potential risks of physical activity particularly for those clients with chronic and complex conditions.

Our client’s programmes are carefully supervised and monitored in  individualized sessions to ensure that exercises are undertaken correctly, aggravation of injuries or conditions are avoided and exercise goals are achieved. Their careful guidance ensures our clients are confident and capable of continuing with their programmes independently.

Our physiotherapists also take an active role in educating the client about their condition or injury to assist in achieving the best long-term outcomes. 

Gym based rehabilitation and work conditioning programs are be undertaken at all the local modern fitness facilities in Kalgoorlie and Kambalda.  A combination of free weights, pin-loaded weights and fitball/bosu ball and balance exercises to manage our clients’ injuries/conditions and assist our client’s return to their chosen activities of daily living, sport or work environment.