Fascial Manipulation Therapy in Kalgoorlie

Fascia is connective tissue which for a long time was considered just a covering or casing for muscles with no significant importance or purpose. This however is not the case. Fascia is everywhere. Fascia interfaces with every system of the body. It encases individual muscle fibres, groups of muscle fibres and whole muscles. It provides connections between muscle groups; as well as connecting muscles to bones, bone to bones. Fascia forms slings for internal organs and cushions your spine. Fascia is truly everywhere.

When fascia is optimally functioning it allows tension and force to be distributed across our system while providing an integrated proprioceptive role. It unites the limbs with the trunk allowing in collaboration with the central nervous system, coordinated and complex movement patterning of the entire body. As such our mobility, integrity and resilience are determined in large part by how well our fascia is functioning.

Fascial dysfunction can occur for a variety of reasons. Lack of movement variations, sub-optimal nutrition, habitual postures and trauma can impact on the fascia’s ability to glide and slide fluidly to optimize the distribution and transmission of tension across the body. When this occurs compensatory patterns of movement can occur resulting in more stress on the fascial system. Fascial dysfunction is associated with pain, stiffness, tissue fatigue and reduced performance and function.

Fascial Manipulation® is a manual therapy method that focuses on releasing specific localised areas of fascia, which have been assessed and implicated as being involved in the pain and movement/functional limitations. Through the appropriate manipulation of this precise part of the fascia, movement can be restored. Release of the fascial dysfunctions restores the optimal force transmission within the body so that you can move and function better.

Fascial manipulation may be utilised exclusively or combined with other treatment techniques.