Ergonomic Assessments in Kalgoorlie

Who would benefit?

A workstation assessment (for office based workers) is used for workers returning to work after injury or illness or a worker having difficulty at work due to a work related or non-work related injury or illness. The assessment considers the workers individual requirements, the workplace environment and the needs of the organisation.

What does a workstation assessment involve?

The workstation assessment (WSA) involves the analysis of the worker’s office set up or station. It is a dynamic assessment of the work environment as well as the capability of the employee to perform his/her work based on their current status and with consideration of their injury/issue.

Interventions and advice may be made at the time of the assessment as well as offering additional future recommendations. The immediate interventions will help optimise the worker’s current set-up to reduce postural and repetitive stresses on the worker. Future recommendations are typically related to the modification of the work area or equipment changes, these will be sent to the referring individual.

What do workstation screenings involve?

Screenings are an effective preventative strategy to reduce the future incidence of musculoskeletal disorder in an office based environment.
Appropriate for workers who are new to the organisation or who have a new workstation or equipment which needs to be briefly assessed.

Two to three workers can be assessed in an hour. The report is a brief summary with identified risk factors, action taken and future action recommended.