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Goldfields Physio excels in providing end to end solutions for employees and employers across all facets of occupational and corporate health. Our extensive experience and diverse knowledge enables us to provide comprehensive and collaborative solutions to meet or exceed any statutory occupational health requirements.

From before they begin work placements, to long serving staff members, employees will be in good hands as we ensure their optimal fitness for work through our Corporate Health services.

We provide end to end solutions for employees and employers across all facets of occupational and corporate health.

Our range of Corporate & Occupational Health Services Include:

Our team of qualified health professionals specialise in assessing, treating, and creating targeted rehabilitation plans for injured workers and their specific job roles. Our team can provide injury rehab services for injured workers through Workcover, or internally managed cases. These services can include physiotherapy management and rehabilitation programs with our exercise physiologists. We strive to optimise outcomes following injury and reduce risk of re-injury through education, self-management strategies and capacity building programming. We provide timely feedback to workplaces and doctors on suitable duties and thorough functional testing to ensure full occupational readiness to return to work.

Ergonomic assessments involve our highly trained staff performing a comprehensive workstation (office or site) assessment. We will collaborate with your employees to ensure we consider their health, functional capacity and symptoms. Our ergonomic assessment will provide practical, easy to implement solutions to reduce or prevent the risk of injury and to improve employee comfort as well as providing education and advice to your employee(s) on self-care strategies.

Return to work assessments are completed for an employee prior to returning to work following prolonged absence due to injury or illness (work-related or otherwise). This ensures a smooth and safe transition back into the workplace and can identify any ongoing symptoms which may be impacted by return to work. These assessments help mitigate risk by determining your employees current capacity, and allows you, as an employer, to implement recommendations or modifications to allow workers to return safely.

Goldfields Physio can create or update Job role dictionaries/duties manuals for any workplace and Job role. These manuals will outline regular tasks completed in each role, equipment used, working environments, manual handling requirements, and injury risk identification. When developing these manuals, our staff will visit the worksite to ensure accurate reporting individualised to each job role and work environment.

Our team is also skilled in creating training programs that will suit your business requirements and teach workers hands on skills on how to risk assess practical working situations. Training programs can be delivered onsite for convenience. Training programs include but are not limited to:

  • Injury prevention training.
  • Warm up for work programs.
  • Manual handling training programs.
  • Participative ergonomic programs.
  • Musculoskeletal medic training programs.
  • Toolbox talks.
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