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Clinical Pilates & Movement Based Therapy

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a specific training program designed by physiotherapists to develop and improve muscular control of all joints throughout the body. The primary focus is to optimise muscle recruitment and efficiency during functional tasks to reduce pain, improve movement and promote a strong and healthy body.

All our Pilates Therapists are qualified in DMA Clinical Pilates, a scientific and evidence-based form of Pilates training endorsed and accredited by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
Clinical Pilates is highly effective for:

If you are interested in a Clinical Pilates program, an initial assessment will be undertaken to help identify areas of focus for your program. Following this you may be progressed into either individual Pilates sessions or added to a small group class. These sessions will incorporate Pilates floor, reformer and trapeze table-based exercises. Home based exercises may also be added.

Due to private health insurance reforms, which commenced on 1st April 2019, Clinical Pilates is no longer eligible for rebate. Your sessions will still be guided by a physio who is available for questions and technique correction and guidance, as well as progressions to keep the program engaging.

Movement Based Therapy

Movement based therapy may use exercises or techniques drawn from Pilates principles, but may also include other relevant strength and conditioning exercises within your program. This therapy is a therapeutic program designed to challenge the nervous and muscular systems. It is tailored by your physiotherapist to improve specific functional movements and is actively working towards specific goals chosen in consultation with your physio. The program is also continuously monitored and adapted to optimize the therapeutic effect.

Movement based therapy is highly effective for:

When commencing this form of treatment, together with your physiotherapist, you will develop goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. Following this your physio will conduct a thorough assessment and you will begin individualised sessions which may incorporate “Pilates informed exercises” as well as those using weights, cables and resistance bands. When appropriate, you are then progressed onto small group classes. Alternatively, a home or gym-based program can also be developed specifically for you, which your physio will monitor your progress with periodical check-ups.

Unlike clinical Pilates, movement-based therapy programs are still eligible to receive a rebate from your private health insurer. In order to comply with the new regulations, patients undertaking movement-based therapy will be required to undergo periodical re-assessments every six weeks to monitor your progress in achieving your functional goals. This will help to modify your program and keep you on track.