Goldfields Physio Services

Our team of expertly trained and highly skilled physiotherapists and exercise physiologists understand that your priority is to get you back to living your best life and being able to perform at your peak.

We are trusted by thousands of the residents and businesses of Kalgoorlie and the greater Goldfields region because of our attention to detail and our commitment to health and wellbeing. If you need physiotherapy or rehabilitation in Kalgoorlie, don’t look past us. We are able to provide the most comprehensive, full body physio and rehabilitation services in the most modern and well-equipped clinic in Kalgoorlie.

Young or old… athlete or weekend warrior… office worker or heavy labourer… fit or seeking to be a bit less unfit… recovering from surgery or wanting to prevent going under the knife… Goldfields Physio is able to help you achieve any goals. We will treat your aching body, improve your health and we will always go above and beyond to assist you in recovering from your aches, pains and injuries.

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