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Dr Antony Liddell

Perth Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Clinic

About Dr Antony Liddell

Dr Antony Liddell has had a long interest in sports medicine, having started his academic career with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics at the University of Canberra. During this time he was awarded a prestigious Track and Field scholarship in the USA, which saw him studying and competing in the Southland Conference. On his return he was accepted into medical studies at the University of Queensland, where he received dual University Blues for national representation in Cross Country.

In 2012 Antony received Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian Orthopaedic Association, and undertook a locum position in Geraldton prior to taking up a fellowship in Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy at the renowned McGill University in Montreal. The latter position saw him working closely with elite athletes from the National Hockey and Canadian Football Leagues, and Major League Soccer. During this time he researched and published on ACL reconstruction, and travelled widely for visitations to major clinics in North America.

In 2014 Antony joined The Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre, and holds a concurrent Consultant position at Sir Charles Gairdner and Osborne Park Hospitals. He has a keen subspecialty interest in knee ligament reconstruction, joint preservation surgery including osteotomy, and kinematic total knee replacement. He maintains an active interest in road cycling, competing in events both locally and overseas.

Dr Liddell consults out of our clinic every 2-3 months. More information on Dr Liddell can be found HERE.

Dr Dror Maor,

Coastal Orthopaedics

About Dr Maor

Dr Maor is an orthopaedic surgeon specialising in knee, foot & ankle with extensive experience in the paediatric, adult and the athlete population.

Dr Maor was raised in Perth and after graduating from medical school at the University of Western Australia he completed his orthopaedic surgical training with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and the Australian Orthopaedic Association in Western Australia. Upon completion of surgical training, Dr Maor undertook a further 2.5 years of international fellowships.

Dr Maor’s primary focus for his patients is to provide pain relief, improve function and get them back to their best regardless of age or sporting ability, where possible through minimally invasive or arthroscopic surgery.
Dr Maor consults out of our clinic on a monthly basis. More information on Dr Maor can be found HERE.

Mark Gibson

Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

About Mark Gibson

Mark is a Specialist Physiotherapist as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists. He has over 15 years of clinical experience in the management of private and compensable patients. Mark provides second opinion assessments for compensable bodies and private clients, and has done so for 13 years.. He has a special interest in chronic and complex presentations, particularly around neck pain, whiplash and headaches.

Mark consults out of our clinic every 3-4 months. More information on Mark can be found HERE.