Tahlia O’Toole

Exercise Scientist


About Tahlia O’Toole

Tahlia obtained her Bachelor of Science (Exercise, Sport and Rehabilitation) from Curtin University in Perth in December of 2020. She comes down from Perth every 2 weeks to work at Goldfields Physio.

Tahlia previously lived in Kalgoorlie for 8 years before to moving to Perth to complete her university degree. Throughout her university degree she completed placements at Claremont Football Club and the Telehealth Clinic at Curtin University which provided her the practical skills to work in the field. After completing her degree, Tahlia has come to Kalgoorlie to work as part of the occupational health team to complete pre-employment assessments for Goldfields Physio.

As an Accredited Exercise Scientist Tahlia performs the musculoskeletal and fitness assessments of a pre-employment medical. She strives to educate her clients on the importance of staying fit and healthy creating difference to better the health and wellness of the community.

Accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSA)

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