Ben Brown

Sports Therapist

About Ben Brown

Ben obtained his Bachelor of Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation from Teesside University in Middlesborough in July 2021 and is working towards his Exercise Science and Exercise Physiologist accreditations here in Australia.

Ben is looking to gain experience to grow as a practitioner by working in different fields of practice to enhance his knowledge of musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies.

In the UK, Ben has previously worked in a large range of backgrounds including private Musculoskeletal and Covid Clinics, Women and Males Soccer teams as a massage/hydro and rehabilitation therapist.

Ben has a passion to develop and grow as a practitioner so he can deliver the highest possible treatment/care to the patients he sees with the application of evidence-based clinical reasoning. Growing up in the UK Ben was surrounded by sport and from a young age developed an interest in helping those who suffered sporting injuries.

  • Sports Therapist
  • Gym Rehabilitation and functional training
  • Movement Development and Patterns
  • Group Strength and Fitness Classes

During the weekends you will find Ben playing local cricket.

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