Physiotherapy for back pain in Kalgoorlie

Is your back pain stopping you from doing the things you enjoy? Does your back feel vulnerable? Don’t put up with back pain, we are able to get you back to your best!

Approximately 80% of people suffer from back pain at some stage in their life. Our backs are the work-horse of our bodies… From pushing to pulling, lifting to throwing, walking, sitting or standing. In fact there really isn’t anything our body does where our back isn’t involved.

Due to its variety of uses and importance in supporting body weight, the back often becomes strained or overworked. Symptoms can range from a dull throbbing pain at the end of a hard day’s work, to a sharp, searing pain whilst bending over. Pain or spasms are usually the body’s way of telling you that a particular muscle group is struggling to keep up with the demands you are placing on it.

Sudden or traumatic back pain may occur as a result of bending awkwardly or lifting a heavy load. However the more common presentation of back pain occurs in absence of a specific event. This type of back pain can happen when sustained or repetitive postures or positions cause back muscles and supporting soft tissues to become fatigued and overloaded resulting in microtrauma. The back muscles and supporting tissues simply aren’t robust or strong enough to cope with the ongoing day to day stresses being placed on it. This type of back pain often starts out gradually and initially can be relieved with rest. As it progresses it can start hampering day-to-day activities and become more persistent. It can be influenced by previous history of back injuries, spinal misalignments, or other body imbalances.

Recovering from a back injury can be slow, as the back is a key factor in all body movements. It is important to find ways of encouraging mobility and strength in your back, while minimising symptoms. It has been shown that movement is often the best medicine when it comes to back injuries and regaining strength is essential for good outcomes.

However there is no one size fits all when it comes to back pain, treatment needs to be specific and individualised to what you are experiencing. Our expertly trained staff will expertly guide you through pain relief and protection; restore your normal flexibility, posture and strength; optimise your movement control so you can return to your normal activities; and educate you on how best to prevent recurrences.