Goldfields Physio
Goldfields Physio

Why choose us

Our commitment to physiotherapy and your health is the same. Our approach is:

Personal – We believe in connecting with you on a personal level, this means we will listen to your thoughts and work with you actively to restore your health.

Professional – Our approach is professional. We believe that the best outcomes are often the result in a team approach. This mentality means that we will connect with other health professionals and other key individuals (i.e. insurers, occupational health nurses, vocational rehabilitation specialists, employers) to ensure that we are always working towards achieving your health goals. It also means that if we can’t help we will do our best to ensure that you are seen by someone who can.

Proactive – We don’t just look to but a band-aid on your problems and injuries, rather we look to find the underlying or root cause of why they happened in the first place so that not only can we fix them but we can also prevent them from happening again. This belief also means that we work actively with people to prevent injuries and pain from occurring in the first place.

Proven – We equip our physiotherapists with the most effective and latest techniques. We do this by investing in our staff with regular skills development and continuing education. This ensures you will receive the best care possible.

Planned – It is part of our commitment to your care that you understand the pathway to recovery. This means our therapists will develop a plan so that you know that with each session there is a direction, hope and purpose. We will make sure you leave knowing what is going on and when to come back.